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Best Practices | Event & Competition Registration

Organizers, I am sure most of you have had the experience of looking at your bank account the night before an event, worrying and hoping (praying!) that the event tomorrow will bring in enough paying people. Well now with STACT’s registration feature, you never have to worry about that again!

Well here's a list of best practices and why using STACT will help convert and retain your participants.

Announce your event early

And we don't mean a few days before the event. If it is weeks or months out, the better off you'll be. By announcing your event earlier, you'll allow more time for participants to prep, discover and sign-up for your competition. The goal is to have as many participants as you can which equals more ROI aka the more money you will make.

Ways to promote? Social media, email blasts, and your website are the best ways and be persistent!

Set up early bird specials

You know the saying, early bird gets the worm and that's exactly the type of anticipation you create with potential participants when your discount is set on a timer. This creates the "I have to do it now" conversions and gives you a reason to announce registration aside from it being open. Post about it every day warning there's only a # of days left to register for a discount!

Close registration before the actual event

Instead of waiting to run around and collect cash the day of the event, close registration a few days before it starts. This will save you time and stress. You won’t need to update your heat draws or seedings, instead everything will be good to go so you can relax and have a good night sleep leading up to event day.

Why STACT registration makes your life easier

By using STACT's registration feature, you will be able to do all of the above and more. STACT will save you time by automatically adding participants to your heat draw when athletes register, it saves you worry and stress by getting participants to pay ahead of time and you see the money right away. And most importantly you will generate more money

There's a number of benefits and reasons why you should be using STACT registration.

  1. Configuring registration is fast, easy, and secure.

  2. Easy refunds, simply remove the registered participant from your list and say yes to refund and you're done.

  3. Instant payout

  4. Multiple promotional channels through STACT App, registration iframe for your website, and our website.

  5. Participants automatically populate your event

  6. Discount options and packages

  7. Registration analytics

Reach out to to get started with STACT Event Manager

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