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Stact Event Manager Update 2.13.0

The new version 2.13.0 of the Event Manager is available now.


  • new sport: Ultimate Torpedo League

  • new sport categories: adaptive surf to match ISA

  • manage decimals in criteria scoring

  • better explanation of criteria based scoring fields


  • option to validate the age

Video Graphics

  • fix of the stats graphics for soccer, handball and basketball

  • new graphics to display set based matches


  • possibility to delete your account

  • many bug fixes and improvements


  • Better event navigation menu

  • Improvement of the event and athlete sharing tool

  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

How To Download

Follow these instructions to install the new version.


To install:

  • uninstall the previous version

  • double click the downloaded file to start the install

  • follow the questions


To install:

  • double click the downloaded file

  • drag and drop the StactEM file to your Application folder

Android and iOS

Go to the store to download the update.

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