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Stact Event Manager Update 2.12.0

The new version 2.12.0 of the Event Manager is available now.


  • new sport: drifting

  • option to initialize the scores of a round by copying the scores of the previous round

  • option to eliminate an athlete if all his runs are incomplete

  • more options

  • remote scoring (in BETA): possibility to turn on the remote scoring for an event. You can then give a url to each judge to score without having to be connected to the main operator.

Organization Management

  • possibility to turn on or off additional modules (registration, rankings, memberships and remote scoring)

  • possibility to tag your heat draw templates and search the list

  • if you are using our membership management, you can now manually add a new member

Event Management

  • possibility to change the colors in each division

  • event schedule now appears in StactApp

  • possibility to edit the number of areas

  • set different prices for late entries

  • option to keep the late entries at the end of the seeding

  • possibility to cancel a single division and easily refund all participants

  • possibility to cancel a whole event and refund all participants in one click

  • cancelled status will appear in StactApp

  • import participants: a new field for their membership id

  • search participants: possibility to only show members


  • you now have the possibility to upload video clips and associate them to an event, a heat and an athlete. Videos will automatically be visible in StactApp

  • if you are running a live video broadcast, you can set the m3u8 url to the event to show the live video player in StactApp


  • show cancelled status

  • possibility to rotate the video player horizontally and switch to full screen

  • event schedule

  • better and more consistent look and feel

Custom Features

  • French Federation of Surfing:

    • possibility to manually trigger a synchronization of the members

    • option to export event results division per division

    • option to initialize each participants club and display it in the Commentator's view

  • Formula Drift:

    • custom graphics for their live video streaming

How To Download

Follow these instructions to install the new version.


To install:

  • uninstall the previous version

  • double click the downloaded file to start the install

  • follow the questions


To install:

  • double click the downloaded file

  • drag and drop the StactEM file to your Application folder

Android and iOS

Go to the store to download the update.

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